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SK Botanicals, a perfect blend of nature and science. Research and innovation are at the core of SK Botanicals. We apply the most current technological and scientific advancements with the best plant derived ingredients nature has to offer.

We will always choose a natural ingredient that delivers the same level of effectiveness as a chemical one. Creating skincare products that are safe for your skin and better for the planet. Our natural plant extracts are carefully selected for their effectiveness and delivered in an optimal formula.

Our mission is to improve SKIN HEALTH and we are committed to provide high quality and effective skincare products backed by science.

Skincare Science, Research & Innovation


To learn how to better care for our skin, we have to understand it’s role and importance in our overall health. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and also the most important. Biologically, our skin is our first line of defence from the outside world. The skin is composed of two main layers: epidermis and dermis.

Understanding Your Skin

The Epidermis - The Outer Layer

Is the protective barrier between your body and the world around you. The epidermis protects the body from the environment, particularly the sun. It protects the body from infection and is responsible for keeping water in by preventing excessive water loss from the body.

The Dermis – The Inner Layer

The dermis is a connective tissue layer sandwiched between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue. The dermis is a fibrous structure composed of collagen, elastic tissue, and other extracellular components nerve endings, hair follicles and glands. The role of the dermis is to support and protect the skin and deeper layers, assist in thermoregulation, and aid in sensation.

Both these layers are vital in understanding skin conditions and concerns.

Expertly Formulated

As human skin is very complex organ, extensive knowledge is required to create skincare solutions that work effectively.

A highly qualified cosmetic scientist who specialises in the development of natural and organic skincare expertly formulates our products. Thus, also ensuring our products is compliant with stringent cosmetic regulations.

In order for the products to be sold in the US, UK and Europe, our products have further been evaluated and tested it for stability, safety and suitability.

Expertly Formulated Skincare Products
ISO 22716 GMP certified

Quality Assurance

To ensure quality, our products are manufactured in an ISO 22716 GMP certified facility in South Africa. The high and constant quality of our products is also confirmed by our compliance with the requirements of the ISO 22716 international standard arising from the key pillar of new European cosmetics legislation - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cosmetic industry.

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